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  • What is Chumash Mikraos Gedolos HaPardes?
    In Chumash Hapardes you have all of the traditional meforshim plus majority of the nistar, sod, kabbalah and chassidus authors All in One set. Pshat, Remez, Drush and Sod on all of the parshios. From Onkelos and Or HaChaim to AriZL, from Klei Yokar to Breslov, Chabad and Zohar plus 20 + more meforshim on each parsha. Ben Ish Chay, Baal Hatania etc. Revealed and Hidden Parts of the Torah
  • How fast do you ship and what is the return policy?
    Chumash Hapardes gets shipped the same business day from Miami Florida. We ship with in the US and overseas as well. Return up to 60 days after the purchase.
  • Why buy from this site and not from other Judaica sites?
    This the Kollel HaMechaber that worked on Chumash Hapardes. You are buying directly from the source.
  • Is Chumash HaPardes available for HaKedoshos?
    Yes Chumash Hapardes is availble for Hakdoshos please contact admin at
  • Is there a quantity discount if we buy multiple sets?
    Yes there is a discount on Chumash HaPardes please contact the admin at
  • Who worked on this sefer?
    Chumash Hapardes was worked on mainly by the Yeshivat HaChen - Rabbi Mimran Shlita, Yeshivat Chut Shel Chesed, Beit El ( Jerusalem ) and editorial staff of Chayenu - Rabbi Yitzchok Yarmush. Directives from Rabbi Olidort - Kehos Publishers. Targum Publishers - Reb.Akiva Atwood
  • Where else can I buy this set?
    There are about 20 seforim online stores and multiple actual seforim books stores that sell Chumash Hapardes all over US and Israel, when you buy through us you are buying directly from the Kollel HaMechaber at a discounted rate
  • Why do I need this - I already have Mikraos Gedolos?
    Chumash Hapardes is the only true Mikraos Gedolos on the market in the full sense of the name Mikraos Gedolos. This is the project to have the majority of Kol HaTorah Kula. From rishonim of Galia DeTorah to Achroinim, From Zohar to Breslov, from Onkelos and Arizal to Baal HaTania, From the Or HaChaim to Ben Ish Chay and from The Chassidut Chabad to Ramban. Chumash Hapardes sefer that can give you a true and unique experience of learning the parsha from all of the different angles.
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